Who We Are

The administrative staff and project directors below are volunteers. We are all committed to providing opportunity...the opportunity for people to have better lives.
Dr. Usha Maharaja Wall - Founder of Eternal Hope Nepal
Usha is Nepalese. She studied medicine in India, served an LDS mission to the U.K., and was a hospital administrator, one of the highest level administrators held by a woman in Nepal. In route to and from work, Usha passed the slums daily. She reached the point that she could no longer "look the other way" and consequently 2 years ago she founded Eternal Hope Nepal. Her mission is to bring hope for a life beyond the slums. Eternal Hope Nepal focuses on remedial education for children in the slums, family/community support, health and hygiene, and small business development. Eternal Hope Nepal is developing their second school/classroom for children and a center for education, and skills training for parents and children in Chitin, Nepal.  100% of the profits from Usha jewelry sales provides support for EHN.
The Artists:
All of Usha Jewelry is made by local Nepali artists. The artist for Usha is primarily Hira, who works for Mahesh Maharjan (from the same cast and geographical area as Usha, however not related). Mahesh, the jewelry show owner, also came from a very humble agricultural family. He established his first business at 17 and after trying several businesses, he became a jewelry maker and owner of the shop. Mahesh and his son Bikesh are very committed to providing opportunity for the people who live in the slums; the Dolit people (the lowest cast considered "untouchable"). He does volunteer work, serving on the government board for schools, initiating free food programs for school children plus other projects. He is committed to providing a fair wage to his employees and when his worker, Hira's father needed an expensive operation Mahesh forwarded the money to pay for it. He believes that even one individual can make Nepal a better place. 
One of the artist's story is below:
Hira Lal (Worker's story as told by Bikesh)
Hira Lal was born in Shading District. His father's name is Gopal B.K. and mother's name is Mithu B.K. In his family the total member is 8. Life for him in Nepal is very challenging because what his earning is only breakeven for his shelter and food so if any immediate medical check up or emergency expense is needed they tend to go in loan with high interest. So, what my father has done for them is if they need any emergency expense he gives money without any interest but they have to deduct the money on monthly bases according to their convenience. Hira's father was in ICU had some liver problem and my father gave him 45000 Nepalese rupees as an advance. 
The jewelry making was what Hira's family knew for long time so he also learned from his family. In Nepal, they are known as 'Blacksmiths' and most of the jewelry maker receive low wages and have a lot of pressure, however my father gives a fair wage and our workers are happy. In some rural areas, BLACKSMITHS are not allowed to enter the temple, not allowed to touch the water tap. If they makes a mistake there are treated in very inhuman way. 
Hira Lal has a son and a daughter, His son is 5 years old and is facing some medical problem, his son doesn't speak. And his daughter is 6 months old doesn't have and problem regarding health. Hira Lal's monthly income is around 250 to 300 USD. His dream is not big but he wants in life is he want to have sound lives in his old age, get out of loan, educate his son and daughter. 
Beth Dearden - Founder and Managing Director of World Link Partners and Partner of USHA jewelry designs
Beth has a Master's Degree in Cross Cultural Training from The School for International Training. Prior to her work in Guatemala and Nepal, she along with a friend, Mila Layne, founded and managed the Street Children's Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. For her work at the Center, Beth was awarded the Order of the Polar Star--the highest award given for service by Mongol nation. Beth and her husband Marlin have traveled extensively in developing countries, and lived in Guatemala from 2004-2011. Currently they divide their time between Guatemala, and Nepal where they monitor and evaluate projects, and Utah, where they promote projects. 
Marlin Dearden, DrPH, MPH Founder & Consultant
Marlin has a Doctorate in Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine. He has worked on behalf of humanitarian projects in numerous countries, and directed student trips (focusing on health) to 40 countries.
Lauren Foulger, MPH - Executive Director of World Link Partners and Founder of Humble Hilo. 
Lauren graduated with her Masters of Public Health and her Bachelors of Science in Sociology and International Development from Brigham Young University. For the past ten years she has worked in various capacities in Guatemala, the United States, Africa, Thailand, Laos, Venezuela and other countries working on projects provide opportunity to those in need. Some of the projects that she has been involved in include education and nutrition in various parts of Africa, Tsunami Relief in Thailand, Community Health in the United States, and she spent several months living and working in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala conducting research for the World Health Organization in the areas of maternal and child health. When she witnesses the poverty in the region she became committed and is dedicating her efforts on behalf of the people there. 

Project directors we work with:

Two remarkable women dedicating their lives to making a difference
Yvonne Sinclair 
Found and Director of NARU Project
Yvonne left a lucrative job in the U.K. in publishing and writing and went to Guatemala for a 3-week vacation. That was 10 years ago. She is still there. Once she saw the tremendous need for nutrition and health education the remote areas of Senahu in Alta Verapaz she committed her life and her resources to working on behalf of the Mayan villagers. The NARU Nutrition Project provides the nutritional food supplement (Incaparina) for preschool and post nursing children in various stages of malnutrition. NARU also provides health education, small business developments, and community development, sustainable projects to curtail malnutrition and enhance health.
The profits from Humble Hilo combined with generous private donations provide support for the NARU Project.
World Link Partner board members
Richard Tanner
Shawn Tanner
Bill Nelson
Chris Nelson
Brad Dearden
Steve Wainwright
Jessie Southwick
Yvonne Sinclair
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